Design and Drawing for production

PACKDESIGN is a software that allows to design wooden packaging box, crate and pallet with its architectural elements and accessories.

It is possible to generate automatically perspective and executive drawings, bill of material and quote. Using this software it is possible to create and manage different types of wooden packing.

Project Management

At the core of the work environment appears the window of “Project Management” and it is possible to view it clicking the button Project Management. Through this window it is possible to manage all the activities related to the previous or the future projects with the generation software.

Manage your Projects: Project specification, documents, drawings, etc. Keep them securely shared and organized in categories and subcategories. Keep files private between you and your team for internal review until they are ready to be shown to your client.


Complete Control: Keeping control and order across the project board is a big part of a Project Manager’s job. Know how things are progressing at all times.

Visualize your projects: always know where you stand. Teamwork Projects means you can plan ahead, track you and your factory’s progression.

Excel Packaging management

The configuration of the products is made through the excel sheet.

Spreadsheet-like interface:
The spreadsheet, especially Microsoft Excel, is the most widely used “homemade” configuration tool across any enterprise (small or big). It acts both as a data collection/integration tool as well as a good reporting & analysis tool. It has been the de-facto tool for both business production and reporting.

However, in the new age of software and the need for a simple packaging setup, there are areas in which spreadsheets are limiting as tool.

Using Graphical Editor the user can modify the packaging without intervene on Excel and without using formula.


All the functions can be done using the mouse and with a maximum of two clicks in the drawing area. The common functions usually are carried out through a click on the command that has to be run, a click on the element that has to be change and a click on another element in order to state how much the first element has to be changed.

Benefits and feature:

  • Customizable Design Elements: you can create your packaging!
  • Ease of Use. Offers a ‘spreadsheet-like’ interface for data collection and model analysis . Any user can create his wooden packaging.
  • Interactive dashboards: Drill down on models, apply filters, visually highlight data points and do much more.
  • Connect Components together with connection commands that define valid connections
  • Write Product rules: for each elements as timber, sheating, beams you can decide numbers, width and thickness based on weight and internal measures as lenght, width, height


In order to create the drawing of the product it is necessary to open a new project, insert all the descriptive and geometric data and access to the drawing area. After that, click on the button “Create Product”.
According to the selected product, dimension and base configuration of the product, the several elements of the structure will be displayed on the window.


Once the data are edited, pressing the button “Draw”, the software:
1. Draw the product depending on the input data
2. Fill the layout with the correct views
3. Assess the measures on the product
4. Compute the output data, including the accessories
5. Fill the title block with the computed and descriptive data

All too often, the first time a customer sees a product is when it shows up on the shipping dock or doorstep. Imagine the benefits of letting your customers see an exact image of that product, even before they commit to ordering or you start building it. IMBALLICAD contains several visualization options including:



Sheet with ballooning


3D view


3d View

3d esploso

It is always possible to change input data, recreate drawing or modify it, thanks to AUTOCAD and its flexibility. The software gives the possibility to manage offers and orders with particular attention to the management of FITOK and CONAI data.



Generation of Bill of Material

The elements composing each side of the structure are listed and organized with a short description, the quantity and the measures (length, width and height).

With IMBALLICAD, you can save time and reduce errors by automatically generating bill of material from configuration features and options. The BOM generator easily handles even the most complex and multi-level bills of material. To fill a new order fast, you won’t need to edit a similar order and perform manual additions and deletions on the bill of material.


Output Data

they are the recap data of the product. They are computed starting from the elements of the drawing.:

  • Cube meters
  • Ext Volume
  • Ext surface
  • Outside Dimensions
  • Packaging weight

Cutting List

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