SCT works in CAD/CAM sector for 20 years, developing vertical solutions in several industries. We can be a reliable partner to satisfy your CAD needs. In sctinformatica you can find some of the projects we worked on, but if you do not find your sector, do not hesitate to ask for: we are open to new challenges.

Our solutions are always completed at the best level in Autocad and Inventor, as we are Authorized Developer Partner of Autodesk.


La nostra Mission è soddisfare le aspettative di tutti i nostri clienti attraverso proposte di elevato livello tecnologico capaci di rispondere alle continue nuove richeste del mercato.

We are specialized in the following field:

Immagine4Feasibility study and expert advice

Software development Immagine6


customer supportImmagine3

Immagine2 Drawing design and development

Project managementImmagine7

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