Software solution for manufacturers of wooden boxes, crates, cages and pallets

PACKDESIGN IS A COMPLETE CAD SOFTWARE SOLUTION FOR MANUFACTURES OF WOODEN PACKING BOXES, FULLY ENCLOSED CRATES, OPEN CAGES, PLYWOOD CASES AND PALLETS AND SKIDS that allows to design your wood packaging with its elements and accessories. It’s possible to generate automatically perspective and executive drawings in DWG format, itemized list and budget.

Immagine1                        Immagine2                         Immagine3
Pallets                                    Fully Enclosed Cages                      Open crates

  Cattura                   Catturai                      Immagine4

Fruit boxes                                        wine boxes                                custom products

It is based on a AUTOCAD 3D engine that allows you to draw and display packaging in both 2D and 3D. The design of the package is via an Excel spreadsheet that allows users to intelligently configure” their own packaging.

The design software allows you to create and manage the following types of industrial wood packaging:

    • 2-way, 4-way, customized pallets
    • Wooden Boxes
    • Crates
  • Custom products: through a spreadsheet you can create your own and import PACKING automatically in CAD

It is composed of a basic module and you can manage:

offerte Orders

anagrafica Customers

icona-schedaProduction sheet

taglio   Bill of Material e cutting list

costo   production costs

accessori Accessories

report  Report and FITOK

index    Production Area


  • The flexibility of IMBALLICAD allows to design and check the new packaging in a quick way and add it to the existing prototypes. No more fixed technology, where you can’t intervene, and no more complex graphic interface: now simply using Excel you will be able to create your own packaging.
  • Using AUTOCAD you will be up to intervene taking advantage of all the possibilities that only an original CAD can give you, without passing through approximate graphic interface. You will be able to work also on 3D model and check the structural endurance of the packaging.
  • No more mistakes with clients. You will be always ready to reply to any request and query
  • You will have the possibility to keep under control the production costs and work knowing your operating margin
  • Imballicad let you work having the guarantee of the results as the production sheets are created automatically by the software, with all the quota and list that you need to work as best you can

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